Needing Help From A Truck Accident Attorney In Emporia KS

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Personal Injury

Collisions between cars and tractor trailers may result in serious injuries or death. Further, it may be difficult to discover how the accident occurred. Learning the cause of the accident is important. In fact, the reason for the accident may determine who is liable. For example, the federal government’s rules state how long drivers may work. The driver and their employer are liable if the driver breaks the rules. Individuals may drive no more than 11 straight hours in a 14-hour day. Afterward, they must rest for 10 hours before driving the rig again.

Statistics show a half-million trucking accidents occur annually. Sadly, many of the accidents are fatal. Those affected by these accidents should be compensated for injuries. Moreover, the family of deceased victims should recover for wrongful death. A Truck Accident Attorney in Emporia KS investigates claims promptly. They use the facts to negotiate with the appropriate insurance carriers. Trucking companies can be liable for various reasons. Indeed, they often fail to keep the trucks in good working order. For instance, brake failure is to blame for many accidents. Likewise, shredding tires are another major hazard.

Company owners are also liable if they hire untrained drivers. Drivers should have a verifiable CDL license. The license means they have been trained in safety and truck operation. Further, drivers must have training to load and unload trucks. Accidents may occur if a truck is not loaded properly. For example, the load must be secured so it will not shift or fall off. Many truck maneuvers must be taught like backing up and changing lanes safely.

Accidents involving HAZMAT carriers are particularly dangerous. These trucks carry chemicals and other substances that are toxic. A Truck Accident Attorney in Emporia KS goes after the driver and shipper in certain cases. Attorneys need to prove a client’s injuries are tied to the truck cargo. Sadly, there are those who survive the accident but are burned by flames from chemical fires. Further, the victim may suffer an injury from inhaling toxic fumes. If you or a loved one are victims, visit us website Get the compensation you deserve.

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