Reviewing Requirements For Dog Attacks With An Injury Attorney In Dayton, OH

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Attorney

In Ohio, pet owners are held to a stricter standard when they fail to prevent dog attacks. They are required to maintain control over the animal at all times. They must use leashes or enclosures to prevent their dogs from roaming throughout their neighborhoods. The following is information about the requirements for dog attacks with an Injury Attorney in Dayton OH.

Documentation for the Victim’s Injuries

A medical doctor provides documentation for the victim’s injuries. These records show conclusive evidence of the dog attack. The severity of their injuries could also play a role in how the dog is managed by animal control. For example, if the victim lost a limb, the animal control officer may consider the animal a high risk.

The Animal Control Officer’s Assessment

The dog owner must surrender the animal to a licensed vet for a full assessment and quarantine. They determine if the dog has rabies or if it has an aggressive temperament that presents a risk to the public. The quarantine lasts for up to twelve days, and the owner must pay all associated costs. The animal control officer determines what happens to the animal based on these findings.

Strict Liabilities and Previous Attacks

Strict liability applies if there is a record of previous attacks. When these liabilities apply, the dog owner must provide the full cost of all associated medical costs. The court will also require an award for pain and suffering as well. The pet owner may also face certain criminal penalties for this failure as well.

What is the Award Based on?

The victim stands to receive a monetary award based on their losses. These losses could equate to medical expenses, lost wages, or compensation based on disability. The extent of their injuries will influence this determination.

In Ohio, pet owners must mitigate risks for all potential visitors who enter their yard or property. These risks are associated with the behavior patterns of their dogs and whether or not if they could attack. Victims of these attacks contact an Injury Attorney in Dayton OH or Visit website domain to review possible outcomes for these cases today.

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