Pulled Over After Having a Few Drinks?

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Law

Nobody likes to have a police car behind them, especially if they’ve been drinking. It gets even worse when those lights start flashing. What do you do now?

The Stop

You’ll be scrutinized as soon as you pull over. Use your turn signal and your stop slowly at a safe spot. Don’t make any sudden or suspicious movements, and don’t turn around in your seat. Keep your hands on the steering wheel so the police officer can see them upon approaching you. Upon being requested to do so, present your driver’s license, registration, and insurance verification. The law doesn’t require you to say where you’ve been or where your going. You have rights under the Fifth Amendment, so you’re not even required to admit to having consumed any alcohol. Be polite at all times, and just tell the officer that you have been advised not to answer any questions. Always remember that anything you might say or do during your traffic stop is probably being recorded.

“Could You Get Out of Your Car Please?”

Illinois law doesn’t require you to perform any field sobriety tests, including blowing into a portable breath testing device. Chicago DUI attorneys consistently advise people to politely refuse to perform field sobriety tests or blow into the device. You also have the right to refuse breath testing at the police station. This puts the burden on the police. The only alternative for them is to obtain a search warrant and have your blood drawn. If that happens, you must cooperate.

Upon being released from custody, you’ll be out on bond. Don’t do anything that you shouldn’t be doing. Violating your bond can land you in jail again at an even higher bond amount and stricter conditions upon your release. Contact the DUI attorneys in Chicago at the Driver Defense Team for a free consultation and case review at your earliest opportunity. There are a variety of defenses to DUI charges. We can start working on your defense as soon as we’re hired.

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