Reviewing Defenses with Traffic Offenses Lawyers in Mankato, MN

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In Minnesota, traffic violation tickets are issued when a driver doesn’t obey traffic laws. However, in some cases, the officer isn’t always right and could make a mistake. When reviewing the circumstances of the ticket, an attorney could find a just case to have the ticket thrown out. Traffic offenses lawyers in Mankato, MN help defendants review possible defenses.

The Officer’s Conclusion If Inaccurate

Drivers who drive at the speed limit in heavy traffic are given tickets for driving unsafely. However, the officer’s conclusion isn’t always accurate. If the driver can prove that they were driving the correct speed on a particular road and wasn’t placing others at risk, the ticket is dismissed.

Challenging an Officer’s Observations

An officer cannot arrest a driver for DUI if they haven’t committed the offense. Parking cars aren’t mobile and don’t constitute a DUI. When presenting the case to court, it is important for the defendant to gather witnesses that can testify that the driver wasn’t driving. Surveillance from a nightclub could substantiate the driver’s claim.

Mistake of Fact

A traffic ticket is dismissed when the driver couldn’t see a speed limit sign due to heavy shrubberies or bushes. Tickets aren’t valid when the pedestrian crossing isn’t maintained, and drivers cannot see the lines on the road. The same applies when there isn’t a sign in front of a handicap parking space or blue lines around it.

The Violation Was Necessary to Prevent Harm

Under the circumstances, the driver committed a moving violation to prevent an accident or avoid hitting a pedestrian. When taking it to court, the driver must show why they committed the infraction. For example, they swerved their vehicle into another lane to prevent a collision.

In Minnesota, traffic violation tickets are dismissed when the officer made a mistake or misinterpreted what happened. Too often, officers are distracted when performing their duty and don’t see the actions as they perceive them and issue a ticket. An effective defense could prevent the driver from facing any penalties. Drivers who receives a citation can contact traffic offenses lawyers in Mankato, MN through Blatz Law Office, LTD. right now.

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