Reasons to Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Burlington, VT

A person who is facing criminal charges will want the legal protection and peace of mind that only a defense attorney can provide. However, the advantages of hiring a criminal lawyer in Burlington, VT don’t end there. Here are some of the greatest benefits of securing a lawyer and how it can impact the client’s case as well as their freedom.

The Lawyer Knows the Law

The role of a lawyer is to protect people and safeguard their rights. The attorneys have a full understanding of how criminal law works, and they utilize this knowledge to defend accused people. A lawyer can make the law work for their client and ensure that they have a viable opportunity to state their case and side of the story.

Carefully Planned Strategy

A law firm will have a team working diligently to craft a legally sound defense strategy. They have the hands-on experience and legal know-how to launch an investigation into the specifics of the case, and they take those findings and create a compelling narrative that will support the client’s story. This is something that a person who chooses to go at this alone will have a hard time doing. The lawyer will be able to find elements that make for a strong defense and give a fighting chance to beat the charges being faced.

Damage Control

Those that have been charged with a crime are typically bombarded with people coming at them from all directions. This can be law enforcement, the media, or even friends and family. To an extent, a lawyer works to help with damage control that aims to mitigate the events surrounding the case. This will also help ensure that the rights of the client aren’t infringed on. This includes questions that the police want to ask going through the lawyer, so a person doesn’t accidentally incriminate themselves.

Those facing criminal charges, or have a family member that is, should reach out to a criminal lawyer in Burlington, VT. Attorney, Jason J. Sawyer offers professional legal representation that you can trust. To get additional information or to contact us, visit