A Criminal Defense Lawyer Tyler TX Defendants Depend On

When someone is accused of a crime, they want knowledgeable and aggressive representation. Turn to the Criminal Defense Lawyer Tyler TX defendants depend on. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Everyone is presumed innocent until they are found guilty of a crime. Work with an attorney to protect your rights and ensure a fair trial. You deserve personalized attention from a legal expert who works hard to provide the best possible outcome for your case. Criminal defense services include misdemeanors and felonies in state and federal courts. If you are charged with theft, assault, drug trafficking or other crime, it is time to hire an attorney to address the problem immediately.

Traffic charges such as DUI and DWI can become quite serious. You can lose your right to drive and even face a jail term. A DWI can fall into a number of various categories. An experienced lawyer can plead down a serious charge to one that is less serious. It is important to contact a qualified attorney for help. In Texas, the Driving While Intoxicated statute has five major separate offenses. A proficient attorney guides you through the process whether it is your first offense or you have multiple offenses. Other charges may include the crime of DWAI if you are accused of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and drugs. Much like DWI, DWAI is a conviction that can result in a lifetime criminal record. Contact a lawyer right away to get the assistance you need. Also, an attorney can also let you know if you could be eligible for a conditional license if your license is suspended or revoked.

From warrants to bond reduction, talk to the Criminal Defense Lawyer Tyler TX defendants recommend. If you face charges of domestic violence, work with an attorney who handles family court matters as well as criminal cases. The right attorney will ensure you get a fair and speedy trial. You will be represented every step of the way for the best possible outcome.

At Holmes, Moore, Waldron, & Parrish P.L.L.C., our attorneys represent individuals who have been charged with DWI and other traffic offenses.