Reasons You May Need a Disability Attorney in Kansas City

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Law

No one relishes in the fact that they have become disabled and unable to work. Unfortunately, injuries and medical conditions leave many people disabled each and every year. If you are one of these people it can be confusing understanding your rights. With so much red tape to get through and legal jargon to understand, it can be stressful at best. If you have a physical or mental condition that has left you permanently unable to work, you need to understand that you do have rights. You have the right to file for Social Security disability and you also have the right to file an appeal. Since many people are often denied on their first claim, hiring a disability attorney in Kansas City can greatly help.

The process for filing for disability begins with your initial claim. You will need two different medical doctors who can document that you are disabled permanently and what condition has caused you to become disabled. Medical documentation is one of the most important pieces in your claim. Without proper documentation and medical proof, you will most certainly be denied.

If you have already filed and been denied, there is still hope. Through the disability attorney in Kansas City, you can file an appeal. An appeal will allow you to have a hearing before a judge. Your attorney will be allowed to present the judge with medical proof and may even have your doctor to testify on your behalf. Once the judge approves your Social Security disability claim, you will receive back payments from the time you first filed. This gives you one initial lump sum of money and then sets you up to begin receiving your monthly benefits.

If you have been denied your disability benefits or you are just beginning the process of filing you need a disability attorney in Kansas City. Through an attorney, you will have the representation and knowledge that you need to help you through your case. Contact the Grundy Disability Group today and they can see you for a free consultation. This will give you valuable insight and start you on the path to getting your benefits approved.

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