Seek Help from a Specialist in Contract Law in Santa Barbara, CA about a Broken Agreement

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Law

If you are in business, you are well familiar with a contract. This agreement is normally produced as a written form that is signed. Usually, one party agrees to pay for something in return for goods or services. In some instances, if the contract is broken, you need to find out if you or the other party is responsible monetarily for the breach.

Obtaining Legal Help

That is when you seek the services of a specialist in contract law in Santa Barbara, CA. He or she will review the agreement and learn how the agreement was broken. Hopefully, the agreement is written so that the lawyer can better advise you about your rights.

What Is Required to Validate a Contract?

A professional in contract law can also advise a client about the law’s interpretation of the contract’s terms. If the agreement is not written, then the statements of the other party and client are carefully reviewed. Regardless of the nature of the contract, there must be an offer and an acceptance of the offer to make a contract valid.

Is the Agreement Implied?

In some cases, an agreement must be implied and therefore must be based on the conduct of the parties to the contract. As you might guess, oral and implied contracts can be difficult to prove. That is why contract law specialists advise clients and others to make sure that a contract is in writing.

Determining a Breach

To see if a breach was made, a lawyer must determine if one of the parties to the contract broke the agreement. In other words, did the client or other party perform the promises set forth in the agreement?

Where to Direct Your Inquiries

If you have questions about a possible breach in a contract, you need to discuss your situation with a competent contract law firm in California. Contact a firm such as Business Name with your questions today.

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