Serving Court Documents to a Representative in Israel of a Foreign Defendant

by | Oct 18, 2013 | Lawyers

Are you involved in a business or commercial law dispute with another individual or entity? There are a number of discrepancies that can occur in the corporate world, from shareholder’s disputes to breaches of contract to white collar crime. For legal matters involving litigations, it’s always beneficial to a plaintiff’s case to consult a trustworthy and well-practiced attorney who’s familiar with the many types of legal disputes surrounding business relationships and commerce. A reliable counselor will review the details of your case, examine the evidence, and provide helpful solutions. Whether you’re looking to pursue litigation against a local, national, or international entity, the right firm can provide the guidance you require. Because many business-related dealings occur both nationally and internationally, your lawyer will also assist you with serving court documents to a representative in Israel of a foreign defendant.

Consult a Specialist
While it’s generally against Israeli court procedure to hear a case against a defendant who isn’t within the country’s borders or a resident, there are certain exceptions. Certain cases that fall under the category of business law, for example, give Israeli courts the jurisdiction to serve a lawsuit or court order to an individual who “manages business on behalf” of the defendant. Serving court documents to a representative in Israel of a foreign defendant is often a difficult process, and it can be a challenge to determine what constitutes a representative. For this reason, it’s necessary to consult a professional for guidance, and to decide what options are available to you.

Alternate Solutions to Litigation
In many cases, litigation can be avoided altogether with the use of other alternative methods, such as mediations and arbitrations. Out-of-court resolutions are often turned to in lieu of traditional courtroom proceedings because of the many benefits they offer. Courtroom costs and attorney fees are often expensive, and there’s always a chance you won’t receive the outcome you’re hoping for. Mediations and arbitrations remove the stress of lengthy legal proceedings by allowing both parties to make their statements and present their evidence without the financial burden of trial hearings. Alternative resolutions typically provide more favorable outcomes for the parties involved, thereby resolving the matter quickly and discreetly.

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