Si hay un accidente, quédate a ayudar

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Law

If you ask a Chicago accident lawyer what is the biggest mistake that the person responsible for the accident can make, many will agree that it is the omission of help.

On many occasions when an accident occurs, you panic and flee the scene. A behavior that can have fatal consequences for those who have suffered the injuries and for the person responsible. In the case of the former, it has been proven that receiving early care greatly reduces the possible consequences and damages of the accident. As for the seconds, the truth is that nowadays the identification of those responsible for accidents is very simple, because there are video cameras everywhere, not to mention the possible recordings made by ordinary citizens with their cell phones .

Therefore, fleeing the scene of an accident, can only bring more complications and charges to a possible complaint. Any accident lawyer in Chicago could also summon several clients assuring that to the economic burden that this entails, the moral regret for not having stayed to collaborate is added.

Penalties for causing an accident can range from compensation to the injured to jail in the case of accidents with serious injuries or even death.

Hiding is not a solution, because we can assure you that they will find you. Our recommendation is that you contact a Chicago accident attorney who will defend you and fight for your rights. A good professional can find mitigating factors and even factors that eliminate their responsibility for what happened. But for this, it is not enough that the factors exist, but you have to know how to prove them to the court. Therefore, experience in this type of matter and a deep knowledge of the applicable laws and jurisprudence are invaluable for your defense.

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