Steps to Take Before Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer in Boston, MA

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Attorney

Dog bites are frightening experiences many people are familiar with, and most cases require the assistance of a dog bite lawyer in Boston, MA. According to various estimates, over 1000 people in the U.S. visit an emergency room each day due to dog bites. Below are some steps to take if one is a victim of a dog bite.

Get to Safety

Dogs are animals, with their accompanying instincts, and even the most lovable dog can quickly revert back to those instincts. Dog bites are typically an expression of basic instincts, and it’s important to get to safety as quickly as possible. After a bite, try to walk calmly, but quickly, to a safe spot to assess the seriousness of a bite.

Assess Injuries

If one is bitten, or if they are witness to someone else being bitten, the injuries should be assessed immediately. Dog bites can be catastrophic, and it’s important to determine whether immediate medical care is required. Those who cannot get to the ER alone should call 911 to have an EMT assess their medical condition. Even minor dog bites should bring about a doctor visit to determine the need for further care.

Get the Dog Owner’s Info

This should occur on the scene. The information gathered should include the names of both owner and dog as well as the owner’s contact information. In many situations, the person handling the dog may not be the owner. If the person is not cooperative, do not try to chase or physically restrain them, just try to get as much information as possible.

Call the Vet

It is imperative to determine whether the animal has been vaccinated, therefore, the next step should be to call the animal’s veterinarian. Ask for copies of the dog’s shot records. The clinic may need the dog owner’s consent to divulge this information. If there are problems getting the information, call an attorney who handles dog bite cases.

Call an Attorney

By this point, the victim should consider calling an injury attorney. Dog bite laws vary by jurisdiction, and it’s important to provide uswith all of the above information. Gathering enough information will help the dog bite lawyer in Boston, MA determine whether there is a strong case against the dog’s owner.

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