Questions to Consider Before Consulting Divorce Attorneys in Chesapeake, VA

by | Jan 6, 2016 | Family Law

Before filing for divorce, it’s important for a spouse to be certain this is the right step to take. Once the person has clarified this certainty, consulting divorce attorneys in Chesapeake, VA is a reasonable action. Some situations are more obvious than others: a spouse may definitely want a divorce if the partner is having an affair, for example. In other cases, the two have grown apart, but may be able to renew the relationship. Asking certain questions can help someone understand whether or not divorce really is the best choice.

Does the Other Spouse Want to Work Things Out?

When at least one person in the marriage wants to stay together, it may be worth giving the relationship another try. However, when both spouses have no interest in staying together, then it’s reasonable to begin seeking assistance from a divorce lawyer. Hiring an attorney early in the process can help a person protect assets and be successful in aspects such as having full physical custody of the children.

Has the Couple Tried Counseling?

Sometimes, a couple starts out truly in love and enjoying spending a great deal of time together. As years go by, they may drift apart in interests. Financial trouble can put a strain on marriages or sometimes having children leads to the couple not feeling as close as they once did since now they share so much of their time with the kids.

Counseling may be a method that allows this couple to rebuild their relationship. Many married couples go through periods where they aren’t happy with the relationship, but they work through it and are glad they did.

What’s Best for the Children?

If a couple is fighting most of the time it can create an unhealthy environment for children. Staying together for the kids when a couple can barely stand to be in the same room together can actually make things worse for those youngsters.

When Divorce Is Inevitable

If splitting up is inevitable, divorce attorneys in Chesapeake, VA will work for the client to make sure he or she receives a fair share of the assets and any deserved spousal support. A firm such as the W. Ware Morrison Law Group is ready to help people who have decided it’s time to end their marriage.

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