Talk to a Whistleblower Lawyer Before Making a Move

Whistleblower laws are designed to protect those who contact government officials about wrongdoings of their employers. They are designed to help protect the person from losing their job or being sued over the accusation. However, these laws can be complex and it can be difficult for the employee to know what they can do if there is an issue with their workplace.

Consider Speaking With a Lawyer First

Before the person speaks out, if it’s safe to wait a few days, it’s a better idea for them to speak with a lawyer about what could happen. A whistleblower lawyer understands these laws and can let the person know if they’ll be protected under the whistleblower laws and, if so, what protections are available for them. They will work with them through the reporting process as well and help to prevent any issues that could occur.

Follow the Lawyer’s Recommendations

It’s important for the employee to follow their lawyer’s recommendations for when and how to tell about what the company is doing. Following their directions exactly will help make it more likely they’ll be protected under these laws. However, there is alway the chance that they will need further help if the company decides to terminate them for reporting the infraction or does anything else to punish them for reporting it.

Contact the Lawyer Again if Further Assistance is Needed

If there are any further issues with the company as a result of contacting the appropriate agency about the infraction, the employee can turn to their lawyer for further help. The help available to them will depend on their unique situation, but the lawyer will work with them through everything so they know what to expect and what could happen. It’s important to work closely with the lawyer to avoid the worst outcomes in these situations.

If you’ve noticed things around your workplace that are serious infractions and you’d like to say something about it, you might be protected under the whistleblower laws. However, to make sure you’re protected and to learn about the protections available for you, speak with a whistleblower lawyer as soon as possible. Contact a lawyer from Edwards & Bullard Law now to learn more.