What to Do After a Charge of Drunk Driving in Stoughton

Once you find yourself the recipient of a charge for drunk driving, you need to immediately call on the aid of a skilled and reputable lawyer to help you get out of this difficult situation. There are extenuating circumstances to any situation and it could be that you were charged unjustly or for a crime that you did not commit. Even if it is clear that you were behind the wheel and over the legal limit, having a professional by your side will always improve your chances of finding success and a favorable outcome in court.


If you were the victim of a bad arrest and charge of drunk driving in Stoughton, it is possible that your skilled legal representative could help you to have the charges dropped altogether. It is not enough that you receive an acquittal but rather that the case be dropped altogether so that it appears that you were never officially charged in the first place. In nearly every case, the only way to ensure that you get your charges dropped is to have a professional on your side to catch mistakes made by the officer.


In some cases, a conviction and some punishment is unavoidable, often because the evidence is not something that you can get around. However, professionals from The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel, PC can help you to have your sentence significantly reduced from a heavier charge to something less damaging. In such a case, you would see your punishment reduced as well, such as probation rather than spending time in jail.


In any case, there is evidence in play that will prove your innocence or guilt to the judge or jury and it is in your best interest to have a professional interpreting it on your behalf. There are many pieces of evidence that are purely circumstantial in regards to drunk driving and arguing these away is key.