The Importance of Keeping Your Court Date after Posting Bail

by | Aug 14, 2014 | Legal Services

If you’ve been arrested and you can’t post bail, you may end up having to spend a great deal of time in jail. If you are unable to come up with the funds necessary to meet the bail that has been set for you by the courts, you may feel that there’s very little you can do. Fortunately with a Jail Bond in Clayton County, you may be able to get out of jail a lot quicker than you had initially thought. However, there are some things to remember about a Jail Bond.

It is vitally important that if you are released from jail on a bond that you return to court at the specific time determined by the courts during your initial hearing in front of a judge. You see, in order to secure a bail bond, you or someone you know what have to pay a 10% to 20% fee pursuant to the amount of bail that the court set for you. This fee is nonrefundable. In some cases, you may have to put up certain pieces of collateral in order to get the bail bondsman to post bail for you. If you fail to show up at court the bail bondsman keeps your collateral or the collateral of your friend or family member who posted bail for you.

In addition to the financial repercussions of missing out on the court date, you will also have a warrant issued against you for not appearing, and you can also have the bail bondsman issue a bounty for you and have people actively searching for you to bring you back to court. The best thing you can do is simply make your court appearance. This makes things easier for you, it makes things easier for anyone who had to post collateral in order for bail bondsman to post bail for you and it makes it easier for the courts and for the provider of the jail bond.

A Jail Bond in Clayton County can be a very beneficial thing, and that’s why many people look to Free At Last Bail Bonds of Dekalb County when they need to get out of jail, but they can’t meet the amount of bail the court has set for them. With 24-hour services, it doesn’t matter what time of day or night you been arrested, you could be out of jail before you know it.

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