Three Ways You Can Apply for SSDI Benefits in the Minooka Area

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Law

You might be wondering how to apply for SSDI in Minooka if you’ve been suffering from an illness or injury. The chances are high that you will qualify for benefits if your doctor foresees you being out of work for more than a year. You can use a number of strategies to apply for SSDI. These are three of them:

Visit the SSA Website

The Social Security Administration does allow applicants to start their applications on site. You can do that if you feel as though you’re savvy enough on the computer. You’ll need to create a login on the SSA’s site to do so.

Get Someone Else to Help

You can also employ the help of a family member, friend or acquaintance who knows how to apply for SSDI in Minooka. This person can complete your application for you. There’s nothing wrong with having another person assist you with the process.

Contact an Attorney

Lastly, you might want to request assistance from an attorney. There are many benefits to requesting that a law office help you. One benefit is that the attorney might be able to get the organization to push your application through faster. Secondly, you’ll have a law office that’s ready to fight for you should your application receive a denial. You can contact an attorney today to talk about getting help with your SSDI application.

Contact Hanson & Fisher Law Office to schedule an appointment with an attorney who might be able to assist you with an SSDI claim.

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