When to Contact a Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Lawyers

Age discrimination remains a problem in America, as people are treated less favorably every day simply because of their age. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act was designed to protect individuals age 40 and over from being discriminated against. It’s not illegal for those who must abide by the act to favor older workers instead of younger ones, even when both are covered under the act. In addition, discrimination may occur when both parties involved are over the age of 40. With so many conditions to be addressed under the act, many are confused as to when the law applies.

At work, if a person is hired or fired based solely on their age, this qualifies as age discrimination and a Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA, is needed. Furthermore, one’s pay cannot be based on their age and they cannot be denied job assignments or promotions. Layoffs cannot be determined by a person’s age and individuals can’t be denied training for this reason. All terms and conditions of employment are covered under the act as the government feels people need an equal opportunity to work, regardless of the number of years they have lived.

There’s more to this law, however, yet many fail to understand this. Often, employees assume if a law applies to everyone it can’t be considered discrimination if it hurts those over the age of 40. This isn’t the case. Any employer policy or practice which could have a negative impact on those over 40 could be considered discrimination. To be considered, the policy or practice must be based on a reasonable factor other than age. This portion of the law applies to both employees and applicants.

Contact the Employee Law Group office if you feel you have been discriminated against due to your age. Many discount the wisdom and skills you have gained over the years and this isn’t fair. Never let someone treat you in this manner as a Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA, can assist you in determining if you have a case. There is a fine line between discrimination, harassment, and simple teasing, it is often hard to distinguish between them. The attorney works to help you in this situation as you have rights too, no matter your age.

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