What You Must Do to Protect Your Case After a Dog Bite in Milwaukee

Individuals who a dog has bitten may be entitled to significant compensation for damages and injuries. Working with a Milwaukee dog bite lawyer can help. Here are a few things they would encourage you to do to improve your chances of winning a case.

Seeking medical treatment is important for your health and for winning a case. You must get medical care after being bit by a dog as soon as possible. The medical personnel can evaluate the bite and ensure it is thoroughly documented. If you don’t seek medical attention, you may be unable to take additional steps to prove your case.

A Milwaukee dog bite lawyer would encourage you to identify the dog’s owner. To pursue a case, you need the dog owner’s name, contact information, and renter’s or homeowner’s insurance held by them. You and your lawyer will have to establish that the dog was owned by that individual when you were bitten.

Gathering evidence is important. This would include eyewitness statements, medical records, photos of the injuries, and the attack’s time, date, and location. Make sure you hold on to receipts related to care you have received for the dog bite. Also, write down symptoms you have experienced because of the dog bite, like pain levels, psychological issues, and loss of function.

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