A Dependable Bankruptcy Law Attorney in Augusta, GA

Do you need a bankruptcy lawyer to help you determine if you qualify? Claeys, McElroy-Magruder, & Kitchens specializes in bankruptcy law in Augusta, GA, connecting individuals with qualified bankruptcy attorneys. Whether you need a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer or a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, you will find experienced attorneys ready to serve. We’re prepared to help you improve your financial situation.

Claeys, McElroy-Magruder, & Kitchens Is a Chapter 13 and & Bankruptcy Attorney in Augusta, GA

Are you looking for help with bankruptcy law in Augusta, GA? Whether you need a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer or are considering Chapter 7 or a Subchapter 5 bankruptcy, our experienced attorneys can answer questions and help you make an informed decision. We’re also available for divorce filings and family law and can assist with the preparation of wills and powers of attorney.

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