When Is It Time to Finally Do Your Estate Planning?

by | Jan 12, 2012 | Legal Services

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

When is it time to finally do your estate planning in Palmyra, MO? That is a trick question because it is always time to do your estate planning. Most people do not want to dwell upon the macabre prospect of dying, but we must all face this part of life one day. Some people may be forced to face this much sooner than others. Some people may live past 100 years old and have ample time to come to terms with their long life and eventual death. Unfortunately, many suffer an untimely death while in their prime.

No matter when it is your time, you will most likely leave behind family, friends and loved ones who will never be truly prepared for your loss. When preparing for your estate planning in Palmyra, MO, it is your family, friends and loved ones that you must keep in mind rather than your own fears and discomfort at the thought of dying.

Indeed, estate planning is most often more important when you are younger than when you have lived to a ripe old age. A person must really think seriously about estate planning in Palmyra, MO, when they become married or in a committed relationship. If you were to be killed suddenly in a car accident, how would your spouse or significant other carry on and make extremely difficult decisions while in a state of intense grief? What will become of your life insurance policy, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, your home, vehicles and other property? Will your spouse know how to navigate through the maze of paperwork and necessary legal filings to take care of the business you have left behind? Will your spouse be left trying to pay off your debt?

The need for estate planning becomes even more imminent when you start expanding your family. Children will struggle enough coping with the loss of a parent at a young age but there is no need for them to struggle financially also. If you are expecting a child and you have not already begun the process of estate planning, now is the time to locate an attorney with experience in handling estate planning in Palmyra, MO.

An estate planning attorney is almost always your best resource for getting your affairs in order and the options available for your finances, insurance, stocks, bonds and property so that you may maximize their worth for your family in the event of your death. An estate attorney in Palmyra, MO, can tell you which options are tax-deductible or not subject to any inheritance taxes. A good estate planning attorney can also help set up trust funds and college funds for your children.

An estate planning attorney in Palmyra, MO, can also help your family avoid the inconvenience of your estate going into probate court which can tie up your money and assets for a prolonged period of time.

An estate planning attorney can help ease the burden of uncertainty and discomfort one may feel when dealing with estate planning and help give you and your family the peace of mind they deserve and you can leave behind the legacy you have earned.

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