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by | Apr 19, 2013 | Legal Services

Loads of potholes, large pools of water or other national road problems are the reasons behind major car accidents, but can they be considered accidents? Is there someone to blame for these awful road conditions? It’s these poor road conditions that have been reasons for many car accidents, so you may want to ask an attorney for assistance with your claim.

Bad Road Conditions

Roads are built to provide safety. Those involved in the designing, building and maintenance of these roads are responsible for ensuring that contractors don’t cut corners, and that hazardous stretches across the town are made safe.

Ice and water on the roads are not the only hazards you could encounter. In fact, there can be:

  • Potholes
  • Blind Curves
  • Shoulder Drop offs
  • Wrong Slopes

Problems such as the ones mentioned earlier cause drivers to lose control and have accidents. For instance, if your wheel end’s up hitting a drop off, you could very easily bounce causing the car to swerve out of control, even water collecting on the roads increase the risk of hydroplaning. In fact, there was a report about bad road conditions and how they contribute to a majority of fatalities in the nation.

Since these hazards are a major issue, certain areas need to be clearly marked. Failure to abide by these rules could lead to an increase of car accidents.

Who’s To Blame For Bad Roads?

The driver may need to take some responsibility for the car accident since they are supposed to focus on the road to avoid potholes and water. However, companies and people building and maintaining the roads need to be held responsible to make sure issues like water and potholes are rectified.

These include entities such as:

  • The engineer responsible for designing a road that collects water and has blind curves.
  • The transportation department that did not put up hazard signs on intersections of stretches on the road.
  • The construction company that cut corners while building the road.
  • The state for not covering up the potholes.
  • The municipals that ignored requests for signs.

If you find yourself in Vegas over the weekend, and some unforeseen circumstance causes an accident, look for a car accident attorney, Las Vegas is full of them and they can help you with your case and determine who’s responsible for the accident.

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