Why Calling a DUI Lawyer in Cambridge, MD Makes Sense

by | Nov 12, 2015 | Lawyers

The first wrong move was to get behind the wheel after having one too many cocktails. Choosing to argue with the police officer was not too bright either. After being arrested for driving under the influence, it is time to get wise and start doing something right for a change, so begin the process by putting in a call to a local DUI lawyer in Cambridge, MD.

Meeting with the Lawyer

Even before the bail is set, the DUI lawyer in Cambridge, MD will already be on the job. In many cases, the lawyer will show up at the jail and want to confer with the client, which This is important to prepare a defense. After talking with the client and reviewing the arrest report, the lawyer can arrange to be present when the judge reviews the case and sets bail.

Keep in mind that the lawyer can arrange for a bondsman to be present and pledge the bond to the court. Once those matters are settled, it will be possible to obtain the release of the client and begin preparing for the court date.

Planning a Strategy

Navigating through the legal system may seem intimidating for the client, but the lawyer knows exactly what must take place. Since there is already proof that the client was under the influence, the only logical approach is to plead guilty. At this juncture, the lawyer will attempt to secure the most lenient sentence possible: i If the client happens to have a clean driving record, especially one that is free of any previous arrests for drunk driving, that will provide the court with more room for leniency.

Remember that while the lawyer from Domain will do everything possible to protect the interests of the client, that does not involve helping the individual escape a reasonable penalty for breaking the law. Even under the best of circumstances, the judge may render a judgment that includes donating a certain number of hours to an acceptable form of community service. Once the terms set by the court are fulfilled, the matter will be considered closed and the client can focus on not making the same mistake again.

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