An introduction to workers compensation

As a result of rapid industrialization in the past, accidents and injuries in the workplace became far too common. There was a need to find a method to adequately compensate those who were injured on the job; hence, workers compensation insurance was born.

Prior to workers compensation, an injured worker had to hire a private attorney if he or she wished to pursue any kind of compensation. Rarely was the worker successful in winning a case, the only thing that came from it was a break in the trust between the employee and the employer.

 When the case went to court, the employers already had their defense prepared:

  *  When the job was accepted, so were the risks

  *  The injury was caused by a negligent co-worker

  *  The worker himself caused the accident through his own negligence

In the rare cases where the court actually ruled in favor of the employee, it took a very long time for the worker to see any money. For the worker, the lack of income plus having to pay the fees of his Chicago workers comp attorney was devastating.

The workers compensation laws in the US first took effect in 1908; the laws were prompted by laws passed in the late 1800s in England and Germany. By 1920 almost every state in the US has solidified their workers comp laws.

What are the benefits of workers compensation?

In the event a worker is injured or killed while at work, workers compensation provides the worker or the heirs a pre-set amount of compensation. There is no need to hire a Chicago workers comp attorney to get this. Although the compensation covers most situations, there are times when it does not, however; if the injured worker accepts the amount offered, by default, he gives up the right to any further actions. The employer must give the injured employee what is prescribed by law.

Filing a claim:

There are few employees that are not covered by workers comp. There are exceptions of course; the business owner is one of them. When an employee is injured the injuries covered are quite broad and include such things as carpal tunnel, loss of hearing or sight, broken bones, etc.

When you are injured, it is recommended that you consult with a Chicago workers comp attorney. If the compensation is not high enough or the employer claims the amount is excessive you may have to challenge the offer.

If you are injured at work you are guaranteed compensation. If you have reason to challenge the amount or you are denied compensation then you will need a Chicago workers comp attorney on your side. You are invited to contact the Shea Law Group.