Why You Want To Know Who Will Be Handling Your Case

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Attorney

Sometimes it can be difficult for you if you talk to one attorney and a different one is in charge of your case. If you are dealing with a solo practitioner, you probably know that it is the same attorney who you will work with on your case. If it is a law firm dealing with your case, there may be multiple attorneys, so it is important you know who exactly will be responsible and will come to court with you. Having a criminal lawyer in Salinas who you are comfortable with plays a big part in dealing with the case. Knowing who will handle your case is important because:


You can know Their Personality

During the time you will be talking to the attorney about your case, you will learn about their qualities. Is the attorney easy to go with? Can you communicate with them easily? Do they understand the nature of your case and the situation you are in? These are some of the questions you will answer if you know who the lawyer will be.


You Aren’t Caught up in Surprises

It can be frustrating if you find a different attorney other than the one you talked with in your initial consultation is representing you. While there may be nothing wrong with that, you may find that the other lawyer who has been assigned your case, you are not comfortable with him or her. You may feel shy disclosing some of the information you need, and this can deal your case a blow.


You Don’t Have to Begin the Process Again

You will have talked much about your crime case with the attorney you met at first. If a different lawyer will head to court with you, it means you will furnish him or her with the information you had given the other lawyer. While it is important, it may not be the thing you wanted to encounter. If from the consultation to the courthouse, you are dealing with the same attorney, it makes things easier for you.

Make sure you have a criminal lawyer in Salinas that you trust and feel easy to work with on your case.

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