Important Facts About Dog Bites and Animal Attacks in Illinois

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Law

While we’d prefer to think that every dog is a friendly one, that’s not always the case. Dog bite laws exist for a very good reason, and it’s important to know the laws of the state of Illinois. Here, you’ll learn about your rights and responsibilities after a dog bite or another animal attack in Mokena.

Dog Owners’ Responsibilities

State statutes define dangerous dogs as those that are off the owner’s property and unattended. Because of this definition, it’s your responsibility as a dog owner to ensure that your animal remains secure.

Proving a Dog Owner’s Negligence

There’s also a statute that covers dog bites and associated injuries. This law explains how victims must prove a dog owner’s legal liability for their injuries. The victim must show that the dog attempted to attack them, that they had a right to be where they were at the time, and that they did not provoke the animal.

Strict Liability

An animal attack in Mokena is viewed under one of these two theories: strict liability or negligence. Illinois follows the strict liability doctrine as far as dog bites are concerned. Here, a dog owner can’t argue that they were unaware of the animal’s aggressive tendencies.

Understanding Strict Liability

Illinois is a strict liability state when dealing with dog bites. This means that a dog’s owner cannot argue that they were unaware of their animal’s aggression or injury-causing tendencies. Even if a dog had never acted aggressively, an owner is liable if the animal attacks someone and was unprovoked.

If you’ve suffered injuries in an animal attack in Mokena, you may be eligible for compensation for your lost income, pain, suffering, and medical bills. Fill out the online contact form at call the firm of Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. today.

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