Posting Bail, Legal Paperwork and Support are Reasons to Hire a Bail Bonds Service in Tarrant County

A Bail Bonds Service in Tarrant County provides much support for their clients in their time of need because getting arrested can be a scary and stressful time for many. Fortunately, bondsmen are available for hire to assist throughout the legal process. Below is a closer look at bondsmen and the different ways they help.

Posting Bail

When an individual is arrested, they are taken directly to jail so that a judge can set a bail amount and a hearing date for the near future. The bail amount is set high to ensure that the individual does not leave town before their hearing date. Unfortunately, many people do not have a large amount of money laying around in case they get arrested. However, a Bail Bonds Service in Tarrant County can assist them.

Events That Occur After The Bail Is Posted

Once the bail is posted, the person is generally released from jail within a 24-hour window and will return to work or school so that they are not falling behind on their responsibilities. The bondsman retains 8 to 10% of the bail amount in exchange for their services. Once the person is released, the bondsman is responsible for keeping the person in town and makes sure that they make their court appearance, as well as filling out any paperwork.

Provide Support

A bondsman is knowledgeable and experienced in the legal system. They assist their clients with paperwork to ensure that everything is filed properly so that delays in the hearing do not occur. Bondsmen also advise their clients on proper steps to take to ensure a favorable outcome. Finally, bondsmen provide support to the family of the convicted and assist them with any questions or concerns they may have regarding the legal case.

There are numerous bail bonds companies in a given area. Browse us to learn more about the service, bondsmen available, and the number of years we have been in business. Bondsmen do much more than provide the necessary funds to get the accused out of jail. They lend their experience, knowledge and support to the individual throughout the entire legal process.