Questions You Should Ask an Accident Attorney in Buford GA before Hiring Them

by | Mar 5, 2013 | Legal Services

It is likely you will feel shaken up following an accident and will want to hire an accident attorney in Buford GA as quickly as possible. However, you need to take things slowly if you want to get the best representation and the best value for money. The way an accident attorney in Buford GA handles your case will influence the outcome and this is why it is so very important to ask each attorney a specific set of questions. The consultation is much like an interview and to feel confident that you are hiring an accident attorney in Buford GA who can help in the best possible way, you need to get firm answers to the following questions.

Tell Me about Your Background and Education

The accident attorney in Buford GA must have experience in various practice areas and their educational background should prove that they have trained for a number of years to be in the position they are currently in. By finding out where he or she received their education, you can research and determine if this education provided the required level of legal training. Once you find out a little more about their education, ask about the number of years of experience he or she has. Ideally, an attorney in this field should have at least five years of experience and anything over this is a bonus.

Have You Had Many Successful Accident Cases?

Reading customer testimonials is a good way to determine whether or not an accident attorney in Buford GA is worth the money. However, not all of these testimonials will detail the outcome of the case and if you want your case to be successful, you should work with a lawyer who has had a string of successful cases. The success rate of each attorney should be looked at when you make a final decision and when you gather numbers and statistics, it will be easier to pit one lawyer against another.

What Will Your Strategy Be for My Particular Case?

The final question is a very important one. Ask about the strategy that the accident attorney in Buford GA uses learn more about their approach to this type of law and their confidence in the court room. Ideally, the lawyer should be easy to contact and should get in touch with you as the case progresses. If you want to have some control over the case, you should ask the attorney if they will be making all of the decisions on your behalf. Finally, discuss your specific situation and ask for your lawyer’s opinion. If they feel confident that your case could have a positive outcome, you should think about hiring them.

Selecting an accident attorney in Buford GA takes a lot of time and patience. If you need to hire attorneys in various practice areas, visit website and get a free consultation.

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